Policy vs. Paper Clips – Third Edition Just Published

“Policy vs Paper Clips” is an excellent resource for non-profits and their boards. Initially I was put off by the author’s use of the “corporate model” to describe his recommendations, since I am suspicious of the idea that non-profits should act like a business in order to be effective i.e. they should seek to earn a return on their “investments” by pursuing a narrow range of activities. However, the model presented in the book is simply intended to convey a sense of professionalism, discipline and organizational skills, and it is difficult to argue with that. Highly recommended for staff, trustees, fundraisers, foundations and anyone else with an interest in non-profit governance.

(M. Edwards, New York City 1/26/2012)

Policy vs Paper Clips


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Practical Advice from the Field

Your Board Members & Chief Executive Working Together Can More Effectively:

• Focus an organization on strategic issues over operational minutiae
• Encourage directors to bring their special expertise & cultural values to board discussions
• Understand the need for – and implement – rigorous assessment of operational outcomes
• Pinpoint management’s responsibility & clarify its responsibility
• Establish a system of organizational checks & balances


• Allow for more management flexibility to develop a more entrepreneurial culture
• Increase focus on productivity at the expense of bureaucratic processes
• Improve the CEO’s fund raising capacity to drive development productivity
• Obtain greater efficiencies through lower costs
• Keep board involvement high when developing policies & strategies
• Create a partnership between board and staff that builds trust

Your Board Members Can More Effectively:

• Provide an appropriate mission-focused board structure for growth
• Operate effectively with only three standing board committees
• Make major board structural changes with minimum disruption
• Evaluate the chief executive fairly despite only having imperfect metrics


• Reduce or increase board size
• Develop effective audit committee & fraud protection procedures
• Use ad hoc committees more effectively to obtain more timely results
• Designate the chief executive – president/CEO to give more public prestige to position

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